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show oFF什么意思中文

应当是show off. 是夸耀、卖弄的意思.

show off 有自以为是,趾高气扬;炫耀,卖弄的意思.1、〈贬〉自以为是,趾高气扬.It's nice to have accomplishments and be elegant, but not to show off or get perked up.多才多艺、端庄窈窕是件好事,不过不能因此趾高气扬、骄傲自满.2、

show off 主要意思是卖弄;炫耀;也有:展示;(在…衬托下)显得好看的意思

show off 炫耀;卖弄 [网络短语] show off 炫耀,卖弄,出风头 Show me off 脱给我看看 show you off 翻译 希望帮到你 望采纳 谢谢!!

show off炫耀;卖弄All right, there's no need to show off.好啦,没有必要炫耀了.Naomi was showing off her engagement ring.内奥米那时正在炫耀她的订婚戒指.

show off1. 卖弄;炫耀She likes to show off her nice figure by wearing tight dresses.她总穿紧身衣来炫耀她的好身材.Those boys always show off their sports skills to the girls.那些男孩们老向女孩卖弄他们的运动技巧.He is always showing off.他老爱炫耀卖弄.

炫耀 卖弄 ========================================= 希望可以帮到你哦!望采纳 谢谢!O(∩_∩)O

show off 英 [u f] 美 [o f] 使突出; 炫耀,卖弄; 过去分词: shown off 过去式: showed off 现在分词: showing off 第三人称单数: shows off

show-off a person who tries to impress other people by showing how good he or she is at doing something 爱炫耀的人;喜欢卖弄的人 英语字典 show-off; showoff If you say that someone is a show-off, you are criticizing them for trying to impress

show 英 [] 美 [o] .vt.& vi. 表现出; 给…看; 显露出; 上演; vt. 表明; 说明; 指示; 演示; n. 显示; 表演; 展览; 外观; 过去式:showed 现在分词:showing 过去分词:shown 第三人称单数:shows 易混淆单词: show

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