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小包,包裹 例句: This parcel came in the mail today. 这个包裹是今天邮来的.

China~~中国 Post~~邮寄 air~~~航空 parcel~~包裹


你好,parcel的音标 /'ps()l/, 意思是包裹,一块地(比如a parcel of land)谐音是 趴索(建议你不要用谐音,要按音标读)请采纳,谢谢!

parcel 英['p:sl]美[prsl]n. 包袱,包裹;(土地的)一块;一批,一群;(货物的)一宗vt. 分,区分;把…划成部分后分配;给…打成包裹;把…拼在一起第三人称单数:parcels;过去分词:parceled,parcelled;名词复数:parc[例句]today , isaac received a particular postal parcel.今天,艾萨克收到一个特别的邮政包裹.

你好,翻译为:“Sorry, my English is very bad. My meaning of is to be a parcel is turn to be gone back by Chinese Customs , they do not allow sending that parcel by post. Be that customhouse is returned by Chinese Shantou prior to, this time we

International parcel中文意思是国际包裹希望这样能够帮助到你,望采纳哟.

Do not ship parcel.对应的中文意思:不要邮寄包裹.不要海运包裹.


1.You can now choose a full refund, you don't accept the bag wrapped.2.only need you wait for a period of time, when you receive, please contact us, we immediately rebates ¥10. If the parcel lost, we will also full refund

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