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my Dog is BlACk AnD tom's is whitE

what colour is your dog ?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,有疑问可追问,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~记得给问豆啊!


1 1. are those trousers? no, they aren't . they are blue 2. tom, where's my bike? is this your black bike ? no, it isn't .


What about yours?新年快乐

I have a dog, it is my favorite animal. I have a year and a half of the dog, it is a black and white and friendly and intelligent. The lovely dog. It has a small nose, two round eyes. It loves to eat meat, gnawing on a bone. I often feed it. Each time I come home from school, he always enthusiastically ran to meet me.

主语不明确 狗的颜色是黑白 狗无法直接和黑白对应 应改为:This dog's colour is black and white.

判断下面句子是否正确,对的写T,错的写F,并把错句子改正过来That"s(前面是单引号啊) nice dress!( 错 )- That's a nice dress !This dog is black and white.( 对 )这只狗是黑白花的These cases are Tom"s.( 对 )这些

英语作文 my dog先来一篇小学生的英语作文: my dogi have a dog. my dog name is dudu. dudu is 9 years. dudu is fat. it wears a white coat. dudu has two big eyes and two small ears. it has one short mouth. my dog is smart. i like my dog. do you like

i have a dog, it is lovely, and i play together every day. its fur is black and white, i call it harry.harry is very good, no matter what time i called it as long as it came along,stay before my legs.harry likes eating meat and bone,so do i

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