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mention[英][menn][美][mnn]vt.提到,说起; 提名表扬; n.提及; 第三人称单数:mentions过去分词:mentioned复数:mentions现在进行时:mentioning过去式:mentioned以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Did I hear you mention a gambling casino? 我好像听到你提到过一个

mention: 提及,提到;叙述;谈到;提及 提及,提到 mention ['menn] vt. 提到,谈到;提及,论及;说起 n. 提及,说起

一、读音: ['menn] 二、意思是:提到;说起 三、例句:Speaking of Macao, it is necessary to mention lotus flowers.说到澳门,就不得不提到莲花了.四、词汇用法:1、用作动词 He mentioned them by name.他举出了他们的名字.Before

mention n. 提及, 说起 v. 论及, 提及 vt. 叙述, 说到, 讲到; 写到; 记载 提述:提名表扬 as mentioned above 如上所述 Did you mention this to my sister? 你对我姐姐说到这件事了吗? The soldier was mentioned in a report for his bravery. 这个战士的勇敢行为被记载在报告书里. Soon after going abroad with the army he was mentioned in despatches. 他随部队出国后不久便得到传令嘉奖. 参考文献: 金山词霸


mention 可译为 提及

mention ['menn] n.1. a remark that calls attention to something or someoneShe made frequent mention of her promotion there was no mention of it.2. a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passageThe article includes

mention 英['menn] 美[mnn] vt. 提到,说起;提名表扬 n. 提及


[英] [mn()n] [美] [mn(t)()n] v. 提到 n. 提及 望采纳

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