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let out v. 放出;泄露;出租

let outv. 放出;泄露;出租更多释义>>[网络短语]let out 放掉,发出,泄露Let me out 让我出去,放我出去,一切归零let us out 下课

let it out福原美穗let it all out,let it all out tsu you ga ra na ku te-in da ne da re ka ga e gai te-ta ka be no ra ku hu ki no ha na ga yu re ru ji bun ta shi sa nan te,da re mo wa ka ra na i yo na gai na gai mi chi no to chuu te na ku shi ta ri,hi rotta ri kyuu ni sa

She is afraid of snakes; she often screams when she see a snack.

你好!He let out a scream at the snake.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

选D属于let out隐藏意义let out(当然还有泄露的意义) Let out 发出(叫喊) She let out a scream of terror. 她发出恐怖的叫喊.==give off(和气体、气味有关)通常用来表示“散发,发出”某种气体或气味.如: Boiling water gives off steams.

1.As I came out of the house ,I saw it raining heavily.I am coming out of the house and I can see it is raining heavily.2.When he was brought back to life,he found his wifee seated beside him.He has been bring back to life, he was finding his wife

lets在这里是第三人称单数形式,因为he是第三人称单数.要是主要非第三人称单数,则用let1.eg. if he lets you go without a ticket2.I let him go without a ticket

. If you relax for a period of time, you will be well faster (will it light) 2. He likes poetry, especially in the tang dynasty (live) 3. I want to go to the corner new open sichuan hall try (out) 4. She isn very afraid of snakes. When she saw a snake tend to scream (

winding its way : 卷曲蜿蜒的(前行)

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