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DEtErminE to Do sth造句

she determined to go for a walk after dinner.

是 be determined to do sth 吧? 拼错啦 俩意思是一样的 类似的还有 i will i am willing to do

I decide to go shopping tomorrow.我决定明天去购物.

答案是: Tom decided to learn English well and never gave up .汤姆决定学好英语,决不放弃!

I decided to go to the park.

I decide to go to bed early tonight.我决定今晚早点睡觉

I decide to go to America for the further education.(我决定去美国继续深造)

decide to do 决定做某事 用法2113 sb.decide to do sth.例:I decide to go abroad to futher my study. 我打5261算去国4102外深造学业1653.楼主还是自己想想一版句比较合适权,学以致用.

I decide to buy books.

He decided not to go himself. 他决定不亲自去.

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