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chinese mistress fem中国的情妇有限元chinese mistress fem中国的情妇有限元

chinese foot 中国足疗

What does he like very much?如不明白请追问,要是满意请【采纳】祝学习进步

it took me 5 hours to cook this chichen which will be tasted in this ciassroom.

没有这个字,只有crab这个字,意思是螃蟹.螃蟹(páng xiè):动物界,节肢动物门,甲壳动物亚门,软甲纲,真软甲亚纲,十足目,腹胚亚目,短尾下目.是甲壳类动物(crustacean),身体被硬壳保护着,靠鳃呼吸.在生物分类学上,它

I am a cook. I am a Chinese I go to school on foot

Bare foot and dirty, the girl just sat and watched the people go by in the park. She never tried to 36 . shop similar to a drugstore of Chinese medicine. Looking like a setting from the film Charlie&the

答案:footed解释:vt.①走;踏;~ it[口语]走着去:They missed the last bus, and had to ~ it.他们没赶上最后一班公共汽车,不得不走着去了.再看看别人怎么说的.


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