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CAmE up是什么意思

come up 1.happen;arise发生;出现*i expect something to come up soon.我预料不久就会发生什么事.*i'll let you know if anything comes up.如果发生什么事的话,我会让你知道的.*many question came up about the quality of the project.关于产品


came up v. 提出来(流行,走近,来临,上,升)例句与用法:I came up with a better plan than that. 我提供了一个比那还好的计划.My number came up and I won 100. 我的数字彩票中奖了, 我赢得100英镑.She came up (to Oxford) in 1982. 她

come up的中文意思:上来,发生,提到,开庭.come up英 [km p] 美 [km p] 上来;发生;提到;开庭.come up的用法示例如下:1.I've come up for my bag, I left it in my office. 我上来取我的手提袋,我把它忘在我的办公室了.2.


come up 1. 开始;发生 I'll let him know if anything comes up. 如有什么事,我会告诉他的. 2. 被提出,被讨论 A number of questions came up at the meeting. 会议上提出了许多问题. 3. 走过来 She came up and said, "Glad to meet you." 她走过来说,"很高兴见到你." 4. 开始流行


翻译为:对我的喜悦, 花种子过来在雨以后come up翻译为 :过来

因为主语是head,根据语境可以知道came up 是抬起头注意的意思.如果是走进,应该是every person came up

一、句子分析: 主句:scientists as well as artists have all used ideas and solutions 定语从句:that came to them in dreams 其中关系代词 that 指代先行词 ideas and solutions 二、将句子改写为两个简单句 1. 原主句不动 scientists as well as

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