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don't you know the activeness of my idea?

Sorry, I don't understand it./ I am not clear about it ./ It is too difficult for me.你觉得哪一个好一点呢,望采纳.

he cannot tell time yet. 他还看不懂时间. 2. this book is beyond my depth. 这书我看不懂. 3. the book lies beyond me. 这本书我可看不懂. 4. understanding this article is beyond my capacity. 我看不懂这篇文章. 5. i can not read your shorthand

wate you再看看别人怎么说的.

这个我看懂了I know it这个我没看懂I don't read it

你能看懂中文吗? can you read chinese?

你说挺喜欢我的,我说我没看懂其实我知道You say it like me, I said I did not understand in fact, I know

请问:什么意思 我不太懂 I don't know what it means. 请问:什么意思 我不太懂 I don't know what it means.

若为“看不懂英语”为I don't/can't understand English ! understand 是实义动词 否定时就要加助动词 don't / doesn't 我是第一人称,故用don't 若是“看不懂”则为 I can't /don't understand !

对不起,我不明白你说什么 sorry, i do not understand what you say.

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