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1 personal 个人的2 reach 够得着3 worse 更差( 根据后面的SAD 伤心的'可知3 in 100 ( 100年后)


we went to the library yeaterday afternoon (went to the library 画线,提问)【What did you do yesterday afternoon ?】

1、A.English ;2、pictures;3、D.in;4、Are you a student? Yes, I am. 5、like sports; 做运动;欢迎回家;6、Miss Green dosn't often watch TV late.7、

My name is xxx,who is studying in 班级. And my thoughts are as follows.First of all,I think some of the rules is too serious,we student


Crystal's grandfather and his family lived on the farmCrystal的祖父和他的家人住在农场如果帮到你,请记得采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

1. at at supper 在(吃)晚餐时2. A borrow/lend在中文中都有“借”的意思,borrow“借入”,lend“借出”,根据题目语境,前者想向后者借尺子,是“借入”;第二空是一个现在进行时,表示正在使用.3. A dancer n.舞者; 固定搭配:dance

选择Bmanage to do 固定搭配 排除C/DThe reason why 也是常用的

第一题 I went there by bus.第二题When did you eat dinner last ?night

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